AAIV Board of Directors

Dr. Daniel Marsman

AVMA Alternate Delegate

Dr. Daniel S. Marsman leads and manages the Product Safety division for Procter & Gamble’s worldwide Health Care and Pet Care businesses, and serves as corporate veterinarian and a technical external lead for P&G’s Animal Alternatives and Animal Welfare programs. His interdisciplinary career has embraced the concept of ‘One Health, One Medicine’, beginning with his veterinary training (Michigan State University), and medical parasitology research (WHO, Sudan), his PhD in pathology (College of Human Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill), and his postdoctoral fellowship studying the pathobiology of neoplasia (CIIT/Hamner Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC). He has previously served as pathologist/study scientist for NIH’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and as Head of Study Design for the NTP chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity testing program. Dr. Marsman’s previous positions at P&G have included toxicological pathologist in the Human Safety department, research scientist in the carcinogenesis group, and global safety/regulatory affairs manager for Household, Baby, Feminine and Family Care. He has published and consulted extensively in the fields of toxicology, pathology, animal welfare and animal alternatives. His collaborative contributions have spanned governmental, NGO and trade association technical and policy committees, including past Chair of the Animal Welfare Committee of the AVMA. He is currently a charter diplomate in AVMA’s American College of Animal Welfare, a member of council for the National Academy of Science/Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, and the AAIV Alternate Delegate to AVMA’s House of Delegates.